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Monday, May 5, 2008


Tonight @ the Potawatomi Bingo Casino - 8 p.m.

War—what is it good for? Well, if you’re talking about war in the sense of prolonged, often armed conflict between nations, states or parties, then absolutely nothing. But if you’re talking about the band War, well, then the answer is a night filled with old funk favorites from the ’70s, like “Low Rider” and “Why Can’t We Be . . .
Monday, Feb. 11, 2008

Tonight @ the Shorewood Schwartz Bookshop - 7:00 PM

The setting of Russell Banks’ latest thriller, pre-World War II Europe, suggests a tale of grand historical intrigue, but Banks is too much of a seasoned purist to fall back on post-Da Vinci Code cliches.
Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008

The Transformation of Modern Europe

After being a battleground for two world wars, Europe’s appetite for warfare declined while America’s willingness to employ force continued. Stanford humanities professor James J. Sheehan lucidly explores the tectonic shift that moved European nations from garrison states to consumer societies . . .