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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
You might not know it from the local press, but much of the national media doesn't consider Gov. Scott Walker the most controversial...
Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010
If we didn’t know anything, we’d think Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was the hottest star in the Republican Party. He’s all over the cable news shows talking about his deficit reduction plan, “Roadmap for America’s Future.” Conservative George Will recently wrote a column forecasting him as the 2013 Republican vice president of the United States. Even President Barack Obama singled out Ryan as a pleasant guy with...
Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010

Paul Ryan’s plan would subsidize the private insurance industry

For voters listening to the Republican leadership over the past year, the most startling surprise was the shift in their attitude toward Medicare. Where faithfulness to true conservatism was once measured by fierce hostility to the popular insurance program for the elderly, as articulated by Ronald Reagan at the birth of Medicare in 1965, today the Republicans claim to be its staunchest...
Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008

Plus Heroes and Jerks of the Week

Obama Encourages Workers Protesting Shutdown. President-elect Barack Obama gave encouragement Sunday to the members of United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Local 1110 who have occupied the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago to demand fair treatment from a...
Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008

Marge Krupp and Steve Kagan

Give Krupp a Chance in Congress. Residents of southeastern Wisconsin can send a strong message about the direction of this country by voting for Marge Krupp to represent the First Congressional District. Krupp, a chemical engineer and businesswoman, is facing longtime incumbent Republican Paul Ryan...
Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008
Republican Congressman Paul Ryan may feel that his southern Wisconsin district is safe. But three Democratic challengers on the Sept. 9 primary ballot disagree—not only with that assessment, but with Ryan’s support of President George Bush and presidential nominee Sen. John McCain.
Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008

Plus Winners and Jerks of the Week

Even more people have been injured or killed by repeat drunken drivers this past week. The recent tragedies included a crash at Sheboygan’s Brat Days, in which four people were injured by a drunken 21-year-old from Manitowoc who was sentenced to serve time in jail for previous drunken driving convictions, plus a death and injury caused by a Pewaukee man who already has four drunken driving convictions.
Sunday, June 15, 2008

His extreme right-wing proposals will create more problems

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan has put together a “Roadmap for America’s Future” that addresses the pressing issues facing the United States. The Journal Sentinel applauded it and reported that Republican insiders say it “represents the kind of fresh thinking the party needs.”