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12.28.2011 | | Posted at 03:49 PM

Jared McDarius class at the Alchemist in January.

By Russ Bickerstaff
n n nIt’s kind of a weird theory. And like most weird theories, it sounds really awfully interesting. The idea is that there may have been enough clues in the work of Shakespeare to suggest that his plays could be performed entirely without rehearsal. Actors would be taught their own lines only and it would all come together onstage. You know what you’re supposed to say and when you’re sup...
12.15.2011 | | Posted at 09:18 AM

Alchemist and Project Empty Space are looking to cast for a number of shows next month.

By Russ Bickerstaff
nThe Alchemist Theatre will be holding auditions for a number of brand new theatre shows and kind of a weird musical. Here’s a look—nFREE 2 B YOU & ME—okay just hearing that title shoots a melody into my head from grade school that I’d rather not have rolling through my head right now. The original work was a post-‘60’s after school special about the importance of . . . well . . . bein...
11.30.2011 | | Posted at 04:09 PM

Jason Powell’s FORTUNAwith Milwaukee Opera Theatre

By Russ Bickerstaff
Kind of a weird-looking amalgamation of different things, Jason Powell’s Fortuna the Time Bender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom is a superhero operetta that evidently mixes a campy version of the contemporary superhero genre with a classic Gilbert and Sullivan style operetta. Comissioned and produced by The Milwaukee Opera Theatre, the show makes its first appearance in a fully staged production...
11.23.2011 | | Posted at 06:46 AM

(Do Something)

By Russ Bickerstaff
As a culture, we are overwhelmed by commerce this time of year. This is so completely obvious that it'™s become a cliche. I felt weird even writing that first sentence its so obvious and over-said. But the weird thing about the commerce this time of year is the illusion of activity. All the advertising--”all of the sales and everything re trying to get consumers in an ailing economy to go ...
11.08.2011 | | Posted at 09:06 AM

Alchemist/Empty Space/Bad Example looking for dystopian cast for staging of Orwell’s classic

By Russ Bickerstaff
  Next March, Bad Example Productions (perhaps inadvertently) follows a pattern established a couple of years ago by New York’s Godlight Theater as it presents George Orwell’s 1984 as the dystopian follow-up to a production of Fahrenheit 451 a little while back. In conjunction with Alchemist Theatre and Project Empty Space, Bad Example Productions will be staging the dystopian tale ...
11.03.2011 | | Posted at 07:14 AM

Broadminded Sketch Comedy’s next volume appears at the Alchemist

By Russ Bickerstaff
Now in its fifth year, local sketch comedy group Broadminded continues a tradition of regularly performing new material with its latest show: Encyclopedia Broadtannica: Complete and Abridged. (this as opposed to completely abridged or complete and unabridged or incompletely abridged or...) The unique comic perspectives of Stacy Babl, Anne Graff LaDisa, Melissa Kingston and Megan McGee feed th...
10.09.2011 | | Posted at 03:37 PM

Alchemist Theatre Casually looks ahead into 2012

By Russ Bickerstaff
On one’s way in to one of the best shows of the year, one can’t help but notice a rather large, colorful quad-fold brochure for what’s coming up in 2012. Here’s where The Alchemist Theatre  jumps ahead of every other theatre company in town and casually mentions wht it’ll be doing out through December of 2012. Here’s a quick glance:     March of 2012 The Alchemist has chosen a sta...
10.01.2011 | | Posted at 05:42 PM

The stages multiply beautifully in Aaron Kopec’s latest

By Russ Bickerstaff
The Alchemist Theatre’s annual Autumnal shows have been a lot of fu over the years. Playwright Aaron Kopec has outdone himself with a staggeringly complicated little piece of theatre that’s simple and visceral enough to be almost universally accessible. While it is superficial (and even downright silly) in places, it’s got a depth to it that’s a lot of fun to roam around in. Set in 1923,...
08.26.2011 | | Posted at 09:26 AM

Fools For Tragedy's IN MY MIND'S EYE

By Russ Bickerstaff
Talented actress Stephanie Staszak opened the first door into the theatre. Equally talented stage actress Shannon Tyburski opened the second door. With this kind of talent opening the doors, it’s really no surprise that In My Mind’s Eye has a great cast. (Still would've been nice to see Staszak or Tyburski onstage, though.) This being a modification of Hamlet, the production has kind of a lar...
08.04.2011 | | Posted at 10:08 AM

A look back at the last theatre years from the edge of August

By Russ Bickerstaff
With Soulstice Theatre opening the first show of the new season last week, Milwaukee Theatre rolls into New Year's . . . the Milwaukee Theatre year starting in August with the first new shows of the new theatre season and closes at the end of the following July with the last openings of the summer theatre season. Here then is part two of a look back at it all . . . May 2011 May of 2011 was ...