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Friday, Oct. 3, 2008

Tonight @ the Riverside Theater - 8 p.m.

My Morning Jacket has evolved rapidly since the psychedelic Southern rock of their early albums, pushing themselves in more grandiose, experimental directions for 2005’s tight, masterful Z and 2008’s all-over-the-place Evil Urges, an album that divided critics but certainly didn’t slow their rise. In concert, the band is more of a traditional, Southern-flavored jam guitar band than their studio-crafted albums let on, playing sets that...
Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008

Tonight @ the Stonefly Brewery - 10 p.m.

The Celebrated Workingman’s Mark Waldoch sings loudly and unconventionally. Backed by his chiming band, which channels The Flaming Lips' pomp and The Hold Steady's vigor, Waldoch huffs and puffs excitedly, crooning even his most pensive verses with cheerful bellows. Between his full-lunged enthusiasm and his band's...
Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008

Tonight @ Rooters - 8 p.m.

Singer Jon Oliva cut his teeth in the long-running progressive heavy metal band Savatage, but that popular band was in many ways just a test run for his grand, prog-rock Christmas touring sensation, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which sells out many of the biggest venues in the world each holiday season. That’s not to say that Oliva has...
Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008

Sept. 26, 2008

   Despite two decades and nine albums to his credit, Mikael Åkerfeldt, the compelling frontman of the Swedish dark-metal band Opeth, recently told Powerplay magazine that he still gets anxious playing live. "Why am I nervous?" he asked. "It's just metal."  Actually, it's not, and Opeth proved why during a jaw-dropping performance of melodic beauty and brutality Friday night in a packed room at The Rave. In fact, the quintet manages to transcend metal while still sounding quintessentially...
Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008

Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 7 p.m.

The Turner Hall Ballroom tonight at 7 p.m. welcomes a pair of emerging bands who are making a name for themselves on the Internet. Headlining is Breathe Carolina, a Denver two-piece electronic band with big, power-pop hooks. In concert, the band eschews the standard, pre-recorded bump-and-grind of other electro-pop bands...
Monday, Sept. 29, 2008

Tonight @ the Miramar Theatre - 7:30 p.m.

Italian singer-songwriter Carmen Consoli continues her push to make a name for herself stateside with her seventh American tour and her first Milwaukee stop tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Miramar Theatre. Sophisticated and almost relentlessly baleful, her acoustic songs shimmy around posh bossa-nova rhythms...
Monday, Sept. 29, 2008

Tonight @ the Bradley Center - 8 p.m.

Adult-contemporary star Celine Dion brings her latest tour to the Bradley Center tonight at 8 p.m. The tour has been billed as one of her most lavish yet, an over-the-top evening of greatest hits, guest musicians and costume changes, with each new wardrobe more sparkling than the last. Along with the hits—and a certain song from Titanic...
Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008

Today @ Shank Hall - 8 p.m.

The last several years have seen Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, who plays an 8 p.m. show at Shank Hall tonight, push his well-worn folk-pop in some daring directions. For his 2005 album, Destination Unknown, Sexsmith returned to the stripped-down, all-acoustic setting for the first time since his 1980s debut. His latest album, Exit Strategy of the Soul, is perhaps his boldest yet. It pairs him with Cuban jazz musicians...
Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008

Tonight @ the Rave - 8 p.m.

Since their “MMMBop” 15-minutes expired and their label did the inevitable, dropping them, the band Hanson has become a walking survival guide for one-hit wonders. Taking control of their image, the brothers passed themselves off as victims, telling their side of the story in the sympathetic documentary Strong Enough to Break. They've since toured and recorded as an independent band, mining their minor celebrity...
Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008

Tonight @ Shank Hall - 9 p.m.

Even those who normally have zero tolerance for cover bands have a soft spot for U2 Zoo, a local group that does a might impressive job recreating the experience of a U2 concert (it helps that their singer actually sounds like Bono). Tonight, the U2 cover group does a free 9 p.m. show at Shank Hall.