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12.31.1969 | | Posted at 06:00 PM

18 issues for $21

By Ken Brosky
I first heard about One Story a long time ago, when it was first starting out. The premise was simple: one story per issue, every three or so weeks, for a low price of just over a buck. To date, the stories publishing in One Story have been reprinted in The Best American ... series and the Puschcart Prize series, and even the O. Henry award. I really took a genuine interest after I read "Reason...
09.29.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Ken Brosky
One of the things I've enjoyed about Zoetrope All-Story (which is produced by Francis Ford Coppola, by the way) is that they usually put one short story from each issue online available for free. It's a great way to promote each issue and give interested readers an idea of what theme Zoetrope is going for at any particular moment. It also helps when you can't find the issue at the local bookstor...
09.15.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Ken Brosky
If you're a fiction writer, you have a plethora of literary magazines you can submit your short story to, thanks in no small part to the explosion of quality zines online and in small presses. This is a good thing. A lot of these small press literary journals, both online and in print, showcase quality writing and are edited by some really, really good people. The problem, of course, is sus...
08.31.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Ken Brosky
Kudos to the Paris Review for getting on the Internet bandwagon. A little bit. But hey, it's a start, and the short story from their newest issue is a lot of fun to read. Here's a snippet of "Nightblooming" by Kenneth Calhoun: �I was told they found themselves retired and so they said, Now's finally the time to form a band! You should see the instruments they fished out of attics an...