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Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008
  The past few years have seen Milwaukee turn out a number of powerful rock 'n' roll bands. While there is room for variety within the city, there is usually a consistency in the volume at which these acts play (loud) and the gender of those doing the playing (male). It's a band-centered, male-dominated world out in the noisy clubs of this city.
Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008
Back in the late 1970s punk rock and prog rock seemed as opposite as the architecture of the Bauhaus and the Baroque. For punks, progressive was code for pretentious bombast; for progheads, punks were no-talent poseurs.
Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008
The idea of punk rock as an antidote to bloated, spectacle-ridden rock 'n' roll has become a standard trope in many versions of popular music history. This stripped-down, simplistic style of play, conventional wisdom tells us, came along to cure the perceived excesses of classic rock and rid the world of the fashion-first consciousness of pop.
Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008

The 21st Annual LGBT Film/Video Festival

As autumn approaches and daylight hours diminish, more and more of us will be inclined to spend our nights looking for something bright and clear- especially on the big screen. From Sept. 4-14, Milwaukeeans get another chance to brighten their eyes and enlighten their minds with the annual LGBT Film/Video Festival, presented by the film department of UW-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts.
Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008

Retro-Spective, Vicodin Sessions (Neven)

Those XCleavers were among the most entertaining and substantial bands from Milwaukee's new wave scene, and probably the most enduring. A reissue of choice material from the 1980s reveals their streamlined super-charged sound as part of their era, yet delivered so winningly that the music has dated hardly . . .
Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008

Art Preview

The Labor Day weekend offers a host of opportunities to appreciate Wisconsin's vibrant art scene. The John Michael Kohler Arts Center presents "Civil Liberties" in Sheboygan. Most intriguing is the "Vested Interest" component (through Sept. 6), where national artists display garments that demonstrate cultural and political issues. The exhibit features They Are All One, a staggering installation by Cuban-born team Guerra de la Paz. Michele Pred's "(Dis)possessions" (through Oct. 12) features confiscated objects from 9/11 . . .
Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008
Fair, patient and reliable: monikers not routinely attached to politicians. In fact 7th District Alderman Willie C. Wade doesn't refer to himself using that "P" word. "An elected official" is more fitting. Wade was first elected in a special election in April 2003. He supported an ordinance in 2004 establishing a city youth council and has been vocal on issues like living arrangements for sexually violent persons, day care and liquor store zoning and the Safe Routes to School Program. He goes door-to-door,
Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008

Milwaukee’s Beachfront Comedy

A remarkable revelation came to Kyle Buckley in a hotel room in the midst of a comic book convention. "If I'm going to make a stupid decision in my life, I might as well do it at 19," read the thought balloon that popped up in his head. Only five days before starting his sophomore year at Milwaukee School of Engineering, he made the potentially stupid decision to drop out, move to Los Angeles and seek work in movies. A few months later his brother Vincent, a cartoonist, followed him. This week the first film by Buckley Brothers Productions receives its world premiere in Milwaukee. Jake's How-To is a funny comedy by the twentysomething siblings about guys, girls and late adolescence . . .
Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008
Mike Mangione wanted out of his comfort zone. That's why he left Milwaukee-his home for almost four years now-and spent two weeks in early 2007 living in a hotel in Lexington, Ky. At nearby Shangri-la Productions, he recorded Tenebrae, a stirring, brutally personal and critically acclaimed record that takes emotional cues from such albums as Peter Gabriel's Us and Bob Dylan's Time Out of Mind.