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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Three of Milwaukee’s most reliable bands brought a little bit of the Cactus Club to Summerfest Monday night at the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage. Music history is filled with great dropped ideas, and the 1990s, in particular, were rife with them. Milwaukee’s Testa Rosa picks up some of these loose ends, continuing where bands like Belly, That Dog, Throwing Muses or pretty much any other band that ever featured Tanya Donelly or one of the Haden triplets left off. Allusions to the ’90s abound: The guitars adhere to the same strum-and-squall dynamic of ’90s alterna-pop; Betty Blexrud-Strigens cough-syrup-smooth vocals evoke Kim Deal; the hazy bass riff on “Ollie Delilah” nods to Weezer’s iconic “Only in Dreams” riff.
Monday, June 30, 2008

Today at Cascio Groove Garage

As usual, some of the best bands playing Summerfest today hail from right here in Milwaukee. Among the draws playing the all-local Cascio Groove Garage stage today is alternative-rockers Testa Rosa, country-rockers Juniper Tar and, at 8:30 p.m., The Celebrated Workingman, who throw down happy, hooky indie-rock.
Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tonight @ the Cactus Club - 10 p.m.

Without the superfluous twang that bogs down so many alt-country bands, Juniper Tar writes mellowed-out, lived-in Americana songs in the spirit of Neil Young’s most cherished records. On their winning new album, To The Trees, reassuring melodies and lovely multi-part vocal harmonies give way to winding, indie-rock . . .
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Week in Milwaukee

MadiSalsa @ Jazz in the Park, 6:30 p.m. Although their appearance will do little to satisfy the jazz purists who grumble about the lack of pure, traditional jazz at Jazz in the Park, Madison’s logically named 10-piece ensemble MadiSalsa will certainly please the masses who just want to rumba...
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008

Feb. 22, 2008

Friday, February 22, was a good night for Milwaukee music – both music in Milwaukee and Milwaukee music. There is a welcoming trend of support for local bands happening right now and everyone is benefiting from it, especially out of town headliners. When the houselights went out (early) at Turner Hall for a 7 p.m., four-band bill, there was already an impressive couple hundred people, roughly half of the total draw by the end of the (also early) night, which reached well into the mid 400s. Self-described as “Milwaunkee Tonk,” The Candliers took the stage shortly after 7 p.m. and played a quick set of jovial tributes to a time before synthesizers, drum machines and even overdriven guitars. Successfully recreating this sound on album is somewhat of a tedious task, but it can be accomplished.
Friday, Feb. 22, 2008

Tonight @ Turner Hall Ballroom - 7:00 PM

When Orange County’s Limbeck hit the scene in 2000, they leaned heavily on nondescript emo and soft-punk, but subsequent albums have seen the band transform into a more twangy, melodically driven alt-country act. Opening for Limbeck’s 7 p.m. show at the Turner Hall Ballroom tonight is John Ralston, a Floridian who specializes in Dashboard .. . .
Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008

This Week in Milwaukee

Like so many electronic- and dance-music collectives, the Chicago group Mahjongg is difficult to label. Their new, second album, Kontpab, blends a host of electronic and synthesized textures and sounds, but it also prominently features a strong whiff of Afro-beat rhythms...
Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008

To The Trees (BusStop Records)

Bringing an indie edge to their brand of alt country, Milwaukee’s Juniper Tar handle dreamy three-part-harmonies and weighty poetic license with an ease belying their debut-album status. Sleepy melodi- cism mixes with droning guitars in brooding, late-night trips of Americana.