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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Police shut down Walker’s Point bike co-op and performance

On April 23, the Echo Base Collective prepared for what they thought would be a quiet Wednesday night of folk and performance groups. The 20 people who showed up had just heard a New York spoken word group, Batter Recharger, and were waiting to hear a Chicago band and the local group Dharma Bumz. Members of Dharma were loading equipment through a garage door on the side of the building when two police officers appeared. “I told them they should talk to Dave,” said Keith Armstrong, singer for the Dharma Bumz, referring to Dave Casillas, the organizer of Echo Base. “They said they already had and were already in the building.”
Monday, Dec. 31, 2007

Legislature weighs alternatives

The city of Milwaukee and the state Legislature are still grappling with the legacy of former Milwaukee Police Chief Harold Breier, the chief for life who ruled the department with an iron fist and often fired officers without just cause. The former chief was so autocratic that state legislators had to step in during the 1980s and take away some of his power, turning some Milwaukee police matters into state issues.