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Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009

The city’s and county’s budgets are a campaign issue

Milwaukee has two declared candidates for governor, and both are signing off on their budgets for 2010, budgets that will no doubt become campaign issues for both men. Neither Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who just announced he’ll be a Democratic candidate, nor...
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009
Since it has hardly ever happened, the conventional wisdom is that a Milwaukee politician cannot be elected governor of Wisconsin. So is there a serious possibility that both political parties could nominate candidates from Milwaukee...
Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2009
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett deservedly is receiving an outpouring of good will from all over the country, including from President Barack Obama, for an act of good citizenship that resulted in the mayor being brutally attacked. After being beaten with a tire iron as he attempted to summon assistance for...
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008

Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus (1926-2008)

We were all sad to learn of the death of former Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus. Lee was a personal friend of mine for the past 36 years.