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Sunday, May 17, 2009

(What to Do With Them?)

Milwaukee's drastic seasonal changes are both a blessing and a curse when it comes to keeping kids entertained. Summer and fall are idyllic, with inviting parks and pools spread across the city and hiking trails along the area's rivers. And although the long winter months can drive many of us indoors, they also offer great opportunities for sledding, snowshoeing and ice skating. The gentle slopes of Bay View's Humboldt Park provide perfect spots for young sledders, and Red Arrow Park's outdoor ice rink is an inexpensive, lively skating venue...
Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008

Today @ the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center - 3 p.m.

Sergei Prokofiev’s musical tale Peter and the Wolf has been a staple of kids productions for decades, but the Milwaukee Ballet’s new production, a collaboration with First Stage Children’s Theater and the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, puts a new spin on the familiar tale: It is narrated in three different languages . . .
Friday, Feb. 8, 2008

Taking Liberties

California case reveals that crimes against 10 teenagers in Milwaukee were covered up in a co-conspiracy with powerful institutions. It’s hard to sympathize with the Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese’s claim that it could face financial ruin as a result of paying for its past misdeeds when it continues to try to cover up those misdeeds.
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008

Theater Preview

On Jan. 18, First Stage Children’s Theater opens its production of The Watsons Go To Birmingham— 1963.
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008

Book Preview

Our culture is a disaster,” Rafe Esquith says. The fifth-grade teacher has been upping the ante in the innercity Los Angeles school where he’s taught for the past 25 years. In Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire, he levels his criticism at society’s veneration of wealth and celebrity.