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07.01.2012 | | Posted at 08:32 PM
By Nicole
Former Badger Jon Leuer will no longer be playing in Milwaukee. He and two other Bucks were traded to the Houston Rockets along with the Bucks no. 12 draft pick in exchange for the Rockets' 14th pick and Samuel Dalembert. But it might not be the final stopping place for Leuer. Rumors are that Houston is hopin got acquire Dwight Howard and are amassing prospects to entire Orlando. Dalembert gives t...
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
So, has everyone caught “Let's Tear Down the Bradley Center and Build a New One” fever yet?
03.18.2012 | | Posted at 04:33 PM
By Nicole
The NBA is the top of the list of things that I know absolutely nothing about. OK, maybe its below Nascar since at least NBA news falls into my Twitter stream. Either way, I couldn't tell you anything about the trade that sent Andrew Bogut to Golden State and brough Monta Ellis (and others) to Milwaukee. I do know that Bogut was incredibly classy in the way he handled the departure. That's not sta...
Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010
It's time again for the biggest event of the basketball season in our state. The annual Marquette-Wisconsin showdown is Saturday at the Bradley Center, and it figures to be close. Only twice in the last 10 years has the victory margin been in double digits. Whoever wins the bragging rights...
05.07.2010 | | Posted at 02:30 AM
By Nicole
A few links to some season-ending articles on the Bucks - This yahoo blog has been down this road with Scott Skiles when he was with Chicago and wonders if Milwaukee is going to see the same result. This AP article points out how this year's team success was a perfect-storm and is unlikely to be replicated. The Bucks have the 15th pick in the NBA Draft and Channel 12's Dan N...
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Six months ago, even optimists saw the Milwaukee Bucks as long shots for the NBA's eighth and final Eastern Conference playoff spot—the one that often doesn't require a winning record. After all, the Bucks were coming off three seasons in which they averaged 29 victories and 53 losses...
12.31.1969 | | Posted at 06:00 PM
By Nicole
Here's an interesting read on Brandon Jennings' path to the NBA.  There's a comparison to another player, the luck Jennings has had to be a starting point guard as a rookie,  as well as some discussion of Jennings' possible candidacy for Rookie of the Year....