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Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012

The Shepherd’s 2013 New Year’s Eve Guide

 2012 won’t necessarily be remembered as a great one. It’s almost certain to go down as the year the nation endured another bitter election cycle, stretches of unusual and frequently destructive weather patterns
Monday, Nov. 8, 2010

Nov. 4, 2010

If there were any justice in the world of rock ’n’ roll, Richard Thompson would be worshipped as a full-on guitar god. Yet such a title would inevitably disagree with the man himself, who, based upon the dour sense of humor he displayed i...
Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Oct. 13, 2010

Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam is neither the tortured wallflower nor the barefooted naturalist it’s easy to imagine from his records. He shattered those perceptions when he last played the Pabst Theater in 2007, revealing himself to be an unex...
Monday, July 19, 2010

July 15, 2010

For Dallas, Texas alt-country pioneers the Old 97s, timing is everything. With a name that conjures a strong sense of dependability and a timeless quality, the band has spent the past 17 years making alternative country music that has heart as wel...
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 24, 2010

Demetri Martin delivered a classic musical, educational and freaking hysterical set at The Pabst Theater on April 24. The shaggy-haired, man boy busted out the large sketch pad and a tiny guitar, as well as some sweet piano accompaniment to give everyone a little insight into the mind of a lunatic...
Monday, Nov. 16, 2009

The Pabst Theater

You can practically set your watch to it: At almost every concert at the Pabst Theater, a performer will pause to comment on the historic opera house’s beauty. Good looks aren’t all the ve
Sunday, May 17, 2009
It's easy enough being under 21 in Milwaukee during the summer. The season is so rich with outdoor street, music and ethnic festivals that there's almost always something to do. The long winters, however, are a different story. Once the city moves its drinking indoors, under-agers are shut out. There are still some solid options for students without fake IDs, though. The corner bars and clubs that host some of the city's best music may be off limits, but Milwaukee's biggest, most active music venues are mostly all ages; The Pabst Theater, Turner Hall Ballroom, The Riverside Theater and the Rave...
Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008

Live at the Pabst Theater

The B-52's will perform LIVE at the Pabst on Friday, October 18 at 8 pm. The Shepherd Express is one of the sponsors for this performance that will leave you with a karaoke mind-set when the concert is over. Click this link to purchase tickets. ...
Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008

Tonight @ the Pabst Theater - 7:30 p.m.

Singer/songwriter Joshua Radin has slowly but surely made a name for himself, thanks to a little help from Zach Braff. Braff used his clout to put his longtime friend’s song, “Winter,” on his popular-ish dramedy “Scrubs,” which provided enough of a profile boost to get Radin a recording contract. Since then, Radin’s . . .
Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

John Hiatt knows how to show an audience a good time, as evidenced by an evening he christened “Summerfest Indoors” to an enthusiastic Pabst Theater crowd Friday. “Hello, young people,” Hiatt said as a greeting to his mostly older but jubilant fans. “Your mayor said this week is all about fellowship, beer and entertainment, and that’s what we’re about tonight.” The entertainment part, which kicked off at 9 p.m., lasted about 2 hours and went a long way toward creating fellowship between the audience and Hiatt’s band, The Ageless Beauties, with or without . . .