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02.10.2011 | | Posted at 06:24 AM

Group raising funds for next Shakespeare in the Park show

By Russ Bickerstaff
A group of theatre professionals sit around over pizza casually discussing things and a few years later, there�s a large group of people watching a free outdoor production of The Tempest in the shadow of Alverno. Optimist Theatre�s first Shakespeare in the Park outing was exceedingly well attended and acclaimed.� � As last year�s production of The Tempest was a successful as it was, Optimist is ...
01.02.2011 | | Posted at 02:21 PM

Wisconsin Arts Board awards Optimist $9,000

By Russ Bickerstaff
The holidays begin to come to an end in the coming week as a touring production of Mama Mia! breezes through town and Greendale Community Theatre’s production of Bat Boy: The Musical gets ready to open at the end of the week. Only a couple of days prior to the New Year, The Optimist Theatre had announced that it had received a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board.  This is Optimist’s secon...
12.18.2010 | | Posted at 02:24 PM

Two different soundtracks to two different productions—one quite local, the other quite distant.

By Russ Bickerstaff
The $20 million film production of The Tempest that was released by Miramax/Touchstone pictures earlier this month my not make it to Milwaukee cinemas any time soon. It’s already been released elsewhere. Despite a huge budget very slick special effects, filmed Shakespeare that opens in limited release isn’t as popular as more contemporary stuff. It runs the risk of hitting home video first, l...
12.09.2010 | | Posted at 05:28 PM

Optimist Theatre Company Announces its second annual Shakespeare In The Park show.

By Russ Bickerstaff
Midway through last week, Optimist Theatre  announced its next Shakespeare In The Park show. Early December seems to be a more or less appropriate time to mention that the theatre company will be staging The Twelfth Night next June. Following on last year�s success of Shakespeare�s shipwreck drama The Tempest, the Optimist Theatre presents the story prompted by another shipwreck.      Op...
06.25.2010 | | Posted at 06:58 PM

Outdoor Shakespeare at Alverno

By Russ Bickerstaff
� The Optimist Theatre�debuts a prospective annual outdoor Shakespeare series with a production of The Tempest. Due to slightly haywire scheduling, I was unable to attend the show opening weekend. Thankfully, I had the evening open last night. Due to a weird twist of chance, it ended up being my third outdoor Shakespeare show in six days. Surprisingly, my third trip outside with Shakespeare and a...
06.13.2010 | | Posted at 11:14 AM

Optimist, Alchemist Carte Blanche and the Art Of The Image

By Russ Bickerstaff
In digital wanderings as Spring slides into fall, I’ve run into a few interesting promotional images for shows opening later on this week. Here’s what next weekend looks like in pictures so far: Opening Thursday, June 17th, is Carte Blanche Studios’ promising farce Out Of Order. They recently posted this line drawing on their website. Personally, I kind of like the ambiguity of a standard...
12.31.1969 | | Posted at 06:00 PM

The Optimist Theatre Welcomes James Pickering for Inaugural Shakespeare In The Park Show This June

By Russ Bickerstaff
A group of friends met at a pizza place in Kenosha in early 1992. There they started plans that ultimately developed into The Midwest Children’s Theatre. The educational theatre group has worked extensively with area schools over the years. The group evolved as creative groups tend to do. Now the group is known as Optimist Theatre. The Optimist Theatre recently decided that it might be a good...