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Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013

Thinking About Hannah Arendt

 Hannah Arendt’s phrase, “the banality of evil,” has entered the vocabulary to describe not the architects of human catastrophe but the mechanics and janitors—the “little people” who grease the wheels and lubricate the engines of destruction. The German-Jewish philosopher coined the
08.13.2013 | | Posted at 10:30 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
If you're a respected film festival, how can you screen the trashy, pulpy movies that everybody wants to see without compromising your sophisticated aura of art-house prestige? The Milwaukee Film Festival discovered a solution to that conundrum last year: by creating a separate late-night program for seedy genre movies, Cinema Hooligante. The program was of course a hit, so it's returning this yea...
06.21.2013 | | Posted at 11:00 AM
By Mrinal Gokhale
Milwaukee Film Festival and Alverno Presents have teamed up to create a one-time performance centerpiece. The Milwaukee Film Festival, in collaboration with the Alverno Presents series, will feature a rare 35mm print of the groundbreaking Soviet film, Earth (Zemlya) by Aleksander Dovzhenko along with a live score Friday, October 4 at the Oriental Theater at 7 p.m. Earth was a silent film release...
12.23.2012 | | Posted at 11:09 AM

Not the “Best,” Just My Favorites

By David Luhrssen
  I spent the last month of 2012 avoiding hobbits, dodging Quentin Tarantino and trying to remember what I liked about the year about to end.  Well, there were lots of things to like, good movies and maybe a couple of great ones, And yet, long ago, I decided to leave “best-of” lists and questions of enduring greatness to historians, who have time and perspective to po...
09.21.2012 | | Posted at 10:00 AM

Here's the complete list of Film Festival guests and presenters

By Evan Rytlewski
The Milwaukee Film Festival announced its 2012 guests, presenters and judges this morning, and it's an impressive list of esteemed and up-and-coming directors, visiting experts and local movie buffs that includes Brewers relief pitcher John Axford. In another life the team's high-drama closer might have been a filmmaker: He majored in film and frequently tweets about it; his Oscar predictions are ...