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Friday, Nov. 28, 2008

Milwaukee icons illuminated

They frequently pop up on Internet searches and peak at you above billboards and byways, but when’s the last time you actually visited the Domes? The day of your high-school prom? Last Christmas? Never? Too long have these structures lain dormant, waiting to be redelivered to their...
Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008

A case for the sales tax referendum

On Nov. 4, Milwaukee County voters will have the opportunity to advise their elected officials on a proposal to shift the tax burden for parks, recreational and cultural functions,emergency services and transit from the property tax rolls and onto the sales tax with a penny increase in the sales tax. Proponents...
Friday, April 11, 2008

Today @ Currie Park - 11:30 AM

In an irony that countless comic-strip authors have observed time and time again, the beginning of the golf season always coincides with ferocious spring rains which prevent golfers from indulging in their sport of choice. Why should this year—one in which Wisconsin, like much of the country, has been plagued by biblically . . .