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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Milwaukee Chamber Theatre continues its commitment to working with area university theater programs as it opens William Inge's Bus Stop in collaboration with UW-Parkside. Bus Stop is a mid-'50s comedy perhaps best known...
Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012
Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard's Greater Tuna seems like an unlikely success story. There is very little that is novel or original about the play—essentially, it is a sketch comedy show featuring two guys in a variety of roles in the setting of...
09.04.2011 | | Posted at 07:20 AM

Elm Grove Playhouse looking for volunteer help

By Russ Bickerstaff
Community theatre doesn’t always get the kind of respect it deserves. Wtiness the discrepancy in ticket prices between a perfectly solid community theatre show and say . . . a touring Broadway show—there’s a kind of a doubles standard in the way people think about theatre. Honestly, touring professional actors lack much of the vitality found in smaller productions. And while the a...
11.26.2010 | | Posted at 10:03 AM

Pretend To Be Ice Fishing Onstage . . . While Singing

By Russ Bickerstaff
Though thoroughly accepted as a perfectly valid way to acquire fish, most people think of ice fishing as more than a bit odd. Fishing in a wooden closet above a hole in the ice has been described with horror, admiration and, often, equal amounts of both. The appeal of the subject matter has caused Guys On Ice to become an immensely successful musical. The James Kaplan/Fred Alley musical made i...
04.08.2010 | | Posted at 07:12 AM

Two jobs available in theatre in Elm Grove

By Russ Bickerstaff
In what optimistic eyes could see as evidence that the economy is turning around, a couple of job openings in local theatre have recently been posted. The Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove� recently announced a couple of jobs in their office. And since such work usually goes generally unnoticed, I will take a little bit of time here to pay tribute to the people who will eventually go on to perform t...
01.12.2010 | | Posted at 05:51 AM

Sunset Playhouse’s, “Rumors,” Open For Actors

By Russ Bickerstaff
� The name Neil Simon has become something of an automatic punch line in the younger crowd of Milwaukee theatre people. The playwright who was so popular .in the middle of last century continues to have appeal all over the country, but with so many contemporary comic playwrights providing such life to contemporary theatre, Simon seems a bit antiquated and out of touch. In spite of this, ther...
Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009
The organized objections against the presidential school address on right-wing talk radio have been nothing less than a hate campaign. “The thing that concerned me most about it was it seemed like a direct channel from the president of the United States into the classroom, to my child,”...
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Le Cakery’s mouthwatering menu

Happy hour comes in the morning at Le Cakery, a charming bakery and cafe in the village of Elm Grove. When Hakan Hare purchased the business last year, he found the prevailing thought to be that Le Cakery made only cakes. If he could only get customers in the door, he thought, they would find that in addition to...