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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 4, 2008

On Friday at Turner Hall, armed with only a pair of acoustic guitars and their voices, Escovedo and David Pulkingham delivered a graduate-level class on songwriting that ranged from sensitive ballads to Mexican-influenced tunes to flat-out punk-rock noise—sometimes even in the same song.
Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 8:00 PM

By adding an agreeable African-jangle to otherwise pretty conventional, guitar-based indie-rock, Vampire Weekend went from virtual unknowns, to a buzz band and then finally to a bona fide phenomenon—all before they even released their debut album. They’ve won over the blogs, played on “Saturday Night Live,” graced . . .
Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 7:00 PM

Though the members of Mae routinely deny their categorization as an alternative Christian-rock band, the themes of spiritual meaning and introspective reflection often emerge within the group’s work. On Singularity, the band’s first Capitol Records offering, the search for the ever-elusive connection between physical . . .
Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tonight @ Turner Hall Ballroom - 7:00 PM

One of the most enticing curiosities on the Milwaukee music scene, The Scarring Party play old timey, tuba- and accordion-driven jazz; classic American music as re-imagined through the lens of Tom Waits records and haunted carnival rides. Although they’re filtered through a quirky, vintage microphone, their lyrics are . . .
Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tonight @ Turner Hall Ballroom - 8:00 pm

Maybe the Black Lips will use their 8 p.m. Turner Hall Ballroom appearance to put on a nice, orderly and workmanlike show—but it’s unlikely. The rowdy garage-rock group has developed a nasty reputation for their antics-filled live shows, which have included bodily excretions, nudity, man-on-man action and the . . .
Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 8:00 PM

Thanks to the band’s continued play on regional modern-rock radio for their hits "Smile" and "Crash (Into Me),” some might not have even noticed that The Gufs were on a seven-year hiatus until their most recent disc, 2006’s A Different Sea, a study in trying to perfect the pop-rock anthem. Since their stint on Atlantic . . .
Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Tonight @ Turner Hall Ballroom - 8:00 PM

Equal parts visionary and maniac, Daniel Johnston has seen his fame skyrocket after the 2005 release of The Devil and Daniel Johnston, a documentary detailing his struggles with mental illness. 2006 saw the proper release of Welcome To My World, Johnston’s 37th . . .
Friday, Jan. 18, 2008

Tonight @ Turner Hall Ballroom - 8:00 PM

The Walkmen's distinctly moody take on fashionable, New York guitar rock is at turns blissful and brutal, a dynamic best captured on their 2004 album Bows Arrows and its seething single "The Rat." Although stock in the band has fallen a bit since then, they . . .
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007

Turner Hall Ballroom, 7 p.m.

On Halloween morning, 2005, the emo-rock band Bayside was driving near Cheyenne, Wyo., when its van skidded on a patch of ice and crashed, killing drummer John Holohan.