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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Theater Reviews

Sketch comedy is never consistent but the format is universally familiar: A series of brief, light comic interactions hit the stage. Some moments are good; some are bad. The mind is gradually pummeled into a generally pleasant state. Of course, if it’s bad sketch comedy, the experience is altogether unpleasant. Running through March 16 at the Alchemist Theatre on South Kinnickinnic Avenue, local comedy group Broadminded’s sketch comedy program Cookie! rests somewhere comfortably between extremes. It’s successful enough at dodging the mindnumbing tedium of painfully obvious jokes to make it well worth the price of admission.
Saturday, Jan. 12, 2008

Tonight @ the Alchemist Theatre - 8:00 PM

Twenty-four-hour play, where troupes have a single day to write, direct and rehearse short plays, have become a popular tradition in recent years, but Berzerk!!!, a joint presentation from the Insurgent Theatre Ambush and Alamo Basement troupes, takes the idea a step further. A dozen or so writers will have just a mere 10 minutes to conceive and . . .