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02.21.2010 | | Posted at 03:16 PM

Jacque Troy and C. Michael Wright in Duet For One

By Russ Bickerstaff
Themes and motifs often present themselves over the course of any theatre season. What began with a young woman confronting a man in a factory break room (in Renaissance’s Blackbird) continued in with a man and a woman struggling against each other in the afterlife (Next Act’s Purgatorio) now continues with a woman confronting her own darkness with a man who wants to help her out. Milwaukee ...
02.23.2010 | | Posted at 05:37 PM

Period Drama With An Impressive Cast

By Russ Bickerstaff
Windfall Theatre’s Three  Sisters is an engrossing tragicomedy marred by few significant flaws. As the play opens, the audience surrounds a few pieces of period-esque furniture. There are a few characters in attendance. We’re here to watch them, but the very casual and organic feel to the production brilliantly downplays the intensity of the drama at the outset of the play. This allows for t...
02.22.2010 | | Posted at 07:21 PM

Schauer Center hosts interesting hybrid by Hartford Players

By Russ Bickerstaff
� � In what seems like an interesting blend of different styles . . . The Hartford Players�opens its dinner theatre production of Wake Me When I�m Dead. Sort of a cross between the popular interactive comedy Finnegan�s Wake and a traditional murder-mystery dinner theatre show, Wake Me welcomes audiences into the traditional Irish wake for The O�Malley family. Audiences arrive to traditional Ir...
02.20.2010 | | Posted at 05:34 PM

Carte Blanche and the art of juggling a satisfying production.

By Russ Bickerstaff
Somewhere around intermission last night, the full reality of seeing a third Shakespeare show in less than a month finally hit me. Looking back, it occurs to me that it�s actually pretty rare to have three different productions of three different Shakespeare plays open in Milwaukee the same month. Boulevard Theatre�s All�s Well That Ends Well, Off The Wall�s Macbeth and Carte Blanche�s Much Ado ...
02.19.2010 | | Posted at 05:50 PM

What Do You Say To Macbeth before the show?--Scattered thoughts On Off The Walls Macbeth.

By Russ Bickerstaff
Two of the three Shakespeare productions to open this month open on consecutive nights, which has allowed me the opportunity to attend both Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing on consecutive evenings. Due to a strange and irregular schedule for the day, I�d arrived at the Off The Wall Theatre a bit early for Macbeth. I�d considered going in a bit early and slouching about Off The Wall�s tiny st...
02.18.2010 | | Posted at 05:29 PM

Elm Grove Theatre Looking To Cast for Kurt Ludwig Farce

By Russ Bickerstaff
The author that brought the world such classic contemporary farces as Lend Me A Tenor and Moon Over Buffalo put out a relatively new show in 2004. The show comes to Elm Grove this year with a Sunset Playhouse�production. Leading Ladies is the story of a pair of down-on-their luck actors who decide to impersonate a wealthy, dying widow’s two long-lost nephews. When the nieces turn out to be neph...
02.15.2010 | | Posted at 11:51 AM

The Casually Supernatural Makes the Rep’s Latest Drama Memorable

By Russ Bickerstaff
I can’t imagine how many shows I’ve seen at the Rep’s Quadracci Powerhouse Theatre. The quality at a Rep show has been pretty consistent over the years, which is great. The problem with a commitment to consistent quality is that all the shows sort of blur together over the years. Yes, I can remember dozens of distinct roles played by every resident acting company member and a number of oth...
02.14.2010 | | Posted at 12:32 PM

Placing the actors with the audience in Windfall’s THREE SISTERS

By Russ Bickerstaff
On making it to my second show of the week, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the seats in the audience were very close to the set. Like the Boulevard Theatre’s All’s Well That Ends Well, Windfall Theatre’s Three Sisters uses a seating arrangement that surrounds the performance. Both companies have done this ort of thing before, but with two shows opening the same week, it’s worth...