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Friday, Aug. 7, 2009
I know I should be mortified by the lobbyist-organized mobs of angry Brooks Brothers mannequins who are now making headlines by shutting down congressional town hall meetings. I know I should be despondent during this, the Khaki Pants Offensive in the Great American Health Care and Tax War. And yet, I'm euphorically repeating...
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, like every other governor in America, is struggling with an enormous state budget deficit created by the near-depression left behind by the Bush administration. President Barack Obama, one of the most hyperactive....
Monday, May 11, 2009

They want to listen, but Rush Limbaugh wants to teach

Hoping to re-brand their declining party, a group of prominent Republicans recently launched a national "listening tour," presumably as an exercise in market research. They would like to know why voters-and especially younger voters-increasingly reject the GOP. They want to "ask the American people what...
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008
The heroes of the week are all of you who volunteered in the elections, whether it was making phone calls, going door to door, putting up yard signs or any of the other numerous ways that contributed to an active involvement in our democratic process. Whether you worked for a winning or losing candidate does...
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008
One of the Bush administration’s covers for going to war in Iraq to provide billions of dollars in no-bid contracts for Halliburton and other corporate cronies was to spread democracy in the Mideast. Meanwhile, the president’s party continues to battle the spread of democracy in the Midwest. With less than a month...
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008

Act in the public interest

President George W. Bush and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson had no credibility to match the arrogance of their initial demand for absolute power in distributing $700 billion of public assistance (the old synonym for welfare). Many Republicans in Congress lacked the intellectual fortitude to cope with the spectacular collapse of their ideology.
Friday, Sept. 12, 2008
Cedarburg, Wis., was the perfect place to begin the presidential campaign of Republican John McCain and his novice vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.The town is fake.
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plus Winners and Jerks of the Week

When Rep. F. Jim Sensenbrenner tried to score cheap political points by demonizing undocumented workers, did he really think that rounding up, detaining and imprisoning almost 400 meatpacking plant workers in Postville, Iowa, would be good for the nation—or his Republican Party? According to an essay by court...