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01.03.2013 | | Posted at 12:47 PM

A Golden-Curled Idol of Hollywood's Golden Years

By David Luhrssen
  Twenty-first century film buffs might know Mae Murray from only one movie, Erich von Stroheim’s The Merry Widow (1925), but in the 1920s she was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Michael G. Ankerich has written the first entirely reliable narrative of her life in Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips (University Press of Kentucky). He will probably have the last word on the ...
06.16.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Russ Bickerstaff
I found myself looking at entries for the next Milwaukee Comedy Festival last night at the home of founder Matt Kemple. I was there with Kemple, a few local comedy types, a dog named Shakespeare and a black cat going through a box of DVD submissions. Somewhere in the midst of an evening of sketch after sketch punctuated by flurries of activity by Shakespeare, I was reminded of a highly novel local...