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11.25.2013 | | Posted at 04:00 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
Radio Milwaukee's program manager Mark Keefe has parted ways with the station after three and a half years there, the station announced last week. The Louisville, Ky., native brought big changes to the station, fine-tuning its programming and drastically trimming its once-sprawling playlist. Before his arrival, the station had something like 40 Rolling Stones songs in its playlist, he noted in a...
05.24.2013 | | Posted at 12:40 PM
By Shepherd Express Staff
Though many people go to the festival seeking out specific headliners, what sometimes gets lost in the conversation about Summerfest is that it can be a great way to discover new music. Each year the festival books hundreds of bands that even the most avid music listener has probably never heard of, but the festival's overwhelming schedule makes it fairly difficult to tell what, exactly, each of t...
09.04.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
FM 102.1 is counting down the best alternative music of the decade this Labor Day weekend, so I'll be doing my semi-regular Sunday guest appearance on Ryan Miller's "Indie Soundcheck" program on Monday night this week instead. It's been a busy week in the music world, so we should have plenty to discuss. If you haven't caught Ryan's show lately, you're missing a great selection of recent music ...
05.29.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
As I am most Sundays, I'll be on Ryan Miller's "Indie Soundcheck" program on FM 102.1 this Sunday at 11 p.m. chatting about music news and whatever else captures our interest. Every time I stop by, I'm amazed by the sheer amount of new music that Ryan plays on his program; he never fails to introduce me to at least a couple new songs. Here's a taste of some of the newer tracks he's played in th...