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09.15.2014 | 137 days ago | Posted at 10:23 AM

Doors Open at Grand Avenue Club

By David Luhrssen
This weekend, Doors Open Milwaukee will offer the opportunity to enter many of the landmark buildings we pass everyday. 
01.28.2014 | | Posted at 02:40 PM
By Tyler Friedman
Having awoken from its winter hibernation, a slew of new exhibitions are on display at Marquette’s Haggerty Museum of Art. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with photographer Brian Ulrich, whose “Copia – Retail, Thrift and Dark Stores, 2001-2011” is amongst the new art. As the interview demonstrates, Ulrich is an especially insightful commentator on his work and creative process.Tyle...
12.18.2013 | | Posted at 04:43 PM
By Tyler Friedman
First things first: I love jazz. We’re talking an if-you-love-jazz-so-much-why-don’t-you-marry-it kind of love. Don’t think I haven’t tried… At any rate, my charge with the Shepherd Express concerns the visual arts, and despite the theatrical brashness of a jazz musician such as Sun Ra, jazz remains undeniably an auditory art. Perhaps my position is for the best. Otherwise I woul...
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
 Alfons Gallery (1501 S. Layton Blvd.), run by the School Sisters of St. Francis, is the venue for Roy Staab’s photo exhibition “When Art Belongs in Nature,” open through Aug. 11. Staab, an artist noted for his elegant
Sunday, March 10, 2013

The silent images of Jessica Z. Schafer

 The “Z” in Jessica Z. Schafer’s name surely must stand for “Zowie!” She’s a young photographer enamored with classic film. She lives Downtown and recently rented a studio (as a Plaid Tuba Productions affiliate) in the Third
01.29.2013 | | Posted at 07:58 PM

Part II: Sanquist and Dr Zhu's Exquisite Silver Gelatin Photographs

By Peggy Sue
A crowd gathered at the Marshall Building’s Elaine Erickson Gallery on one Saturday afternoon in January. They waited to listen to George Sanquist and Yong-ran Zhu discuss their silver gelatin prints in the exhibition “Eye of the Beholder.” Owner Elaine Erickson rarely exhibits photography, and this represents the gallery’s first entirely photographic exhibition. Yet, these prints produce...
Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012

Elaine Erickson’s ‘Eye of the Beholder’

 Photography was traditionally defined by an artist cloistered in a dark room filled with tins of chemicals used to develop a picture on pure white paper. Twenty-first century technology moved the medium into the digital age