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08.19.2011 | | Posted at 01:58 PM

Published in Brave Blue Mice

By Ken Brosky
Here's another publication by a fellow alum of mine, David Atkinson. I don't normally brag, but I'd just like to point out that the University of Nebraska-Omaha's MFA program grads are doing really well for themselves. This particular work is a little weird, a little "experimental," if you will. But you know what? I think we've reached a point in the literary canon where it's totally acceptable to...
05.30.2011 | | Posted at 09:38 AM

Published in Anderbo

By Ken Brosky
Anderbo can feel a little overwhelming at first, but if you take your time and really browse the site, you can find some great stuff to read while you're whittling away your time at work being unproductive. The Pinch Literary journal, on the other hand, is kind of the opposite. It's easy to navigate, but there's not much there. No, you have to buy their literary journal, which I do on occasion...
08.15.2011 | | Posted at 09:36 AM

Published in Echo Ink Review

By Ken Brosky
I wanted to share a link with you on narration because I know a lot of people who regularly check out this blog are writers themselves. It comes from the Echo Ink Review, which is doing a couple of really neat things right now, including a free writing workshop (which is literally worth its weight in gold). Not only that, they're actually PAYING people who contribute. How crazy, I know! In add...
08.08.2011 | | Posted at 02:45 PM

Published in Convergence Review

By Ken Brosky
I thought it'd be cool to show off some of the writing coming from one of the smaller universities because it's sometimes amazing where good fiction ends up. It's another example of just how much good stuff is out there, and how sometimes you need to really look to find it. So I'm proud to have found this piece in the slick little mag called Convergence Review. From "A Natural History of the B...
07.25.2011 | | Posted at 03:19 PM

Published in the Sycamore Review

By Ken Brosky
I don't normally provide links to excerpts, but I really enjoyed reading the first part of this short story published in the Sycamore Review and I encourage readers to check it out. If you like it, buy a copy of the magazine to read the rest of the piece. Here's a short excerpt: We are at the tip of the thumb of Michigan. The sky threatens sun, so John has reluctantly left the water an...
07.08.2011 | | Posted at 11:21 AM

The "Underdog" rocks

By Ken Brosky
Palooka Literary Journal is doing a lot of great things. And while I think the term "underdog" hardly applies to a journal of this high caliber, I'm more than happy to play along. If you're an aspiring writer, you should be reading this journal. Why? Because the editors at Palooka know what they're doing.   I'd like to share my fave story I've read recently just to give you a better idea of ...
06.10.2011 | | Posted at 02:14 PM

Published in Grey Sparrow, among others

By Ken Brosky
There's nothing I love better than shamelessly promoting my former classmates from the University of Nebraska-Omaha's graduate writing program. One of the coolest things about getting your MFA is establishing life-long connections with the friends you make and now, with the advent of this strange device called a "computer," combined with these tubes that make up the "Internet," following their acc...
04.01.2011 | | Posted at 08:17 PM

Published in the Iowa Review

By Ken Brosky
I thought I'd share this short story with you, primarily because I really enjoyed it. Obviously, right? Well, my brain is a little fried from playing Dragon Age II for so long this past week and now everything I say seems obvious. It might be destroying my brain cells. From "The Old Mill," by Kathryn Scanlan:   When we party by the old mill, we have to walk through pine woods and d...
10.16.2010 | | Posted at 10:14 AM

Published in Annalemma Magazine

By Ken Brosky
Before I mention the short story I found, I just wanted to drop a Web site for you that I thought you might like: FictionDaily.org. Click the link. Check it out. It's a roaring good time. I found the site while reading one of the short stories on Annalemma Magazine. It was in the comments section--go figure! Commenters are usually insane, raving lunatics striving to get some attention, but not ...
02.23.2011 | | Posted at 05:48 PM

Published in Bartleby Snopes Magazine

By Ken Brosky
Well, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't share a story I recently got published in Bartleby Snopes magazine. Plus, aside from sharing my hard work, I can enlighten you a little on the writing process and where I got the idea. My inspiration came from two sources: (1) "Bright Sided" by Barbara Ehrenreich and (2) my accidental visit to a National Speakers Association meeting in a hotel. A lot of...