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12.31.1969 | | Posted at 06:00 PM
By Nicole
I suppose it was inevitable the minute Oregon won the Pac-12 and it was decided they would play in the Rose Bowl that Nike would take this opportunity of a national stage to introduce some awful, vomit-inducing unis. Those unis were introduced today and they are apparently meant to "channel Darth Vader." God I hate Nike for things like this. I assume that's some sort of u...
03.11.2010 | | Posted at 09:42 PM
By Nicole
JSOnline.com reported yesterday that the Packers will be wearing a third, alternate jersey during the upcoming season. The report says it�s guaranteed for one game, but may make another appearance. The blurb doesn�t offer any information but does point out that Uni Watch was the first to break the info. Today, Clay Matthews tweeted asking if anyone knew anything about the jerseys, and droppe...