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07.24.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
To promote their upcoming album, Murs For President, Murs and 9th Wonder have... released another album. They put Sweet Lord, an unreleased, 10-track collaboration recorded before President, online for free last night. No big surprises here, but fans of Murray's Revenge know what to expect from hip-hop's chocolate/peanut-butter combo: Lots of quiet-storm-smooth soul samples from 9...
06.10.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
Arriving, fittingly, on the heels of that Velvet Underground bootleg that made the rounds online in February, the blogs have been passing around links to a recently unearthed a rare�as �Richman�s biggest fans never even knew this thing existed� rare�Jonathan Richman set of demos from the early 1980s named Jonathan Goes Funky. It�s a worth hearing for both Richman fans and those whose Rich...
03.03.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
Nine Inch Nails unveiled yesterday a new, 36-song instrumental album with a distinctly Radiohead-ish marketing scheme. Like In Rainbows, Ghosts I � IV was recorded relatively quickly and released without advanced notice. Part of the album is available for as a free download, but for fans that like to buy up, they can drop as much as $75 on a deluxe hard copy. Before I continue, an impor...
02.14.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
Moby has just released a �free exclusive mix� of tracks from his upcoming album, Last Night. At just nine minutes, it�s not the most generous free mix ever released, and it doesn�t allow for too many generalizations about the new album, but there�s some great stuff on here. After his Play stardom, Moby�s albums emphasized the man over the music, cramming too much of Moby�s thin vocals into M...
12.12.2007 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
It won’t get the same love as Radiohead’s grand online experiment, but Okkervil River dropped a nifty little Hanukkah gift today: Golden Opportunities, a completely free (no donations allowed) “mixtape”—more accurately, an album-length compilation of live covers. You can download it here. Although the band finally scored their big breakthrough this year with The Stage Names, a tuneful,...