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06.22.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By David Luhrssen
Recently, a Hollywood executive stated, �Anything that can�t be sold as a genre film or wasn�t conceived as a franchise is dead.� From the standpoint of an industry driven entirely by unrealistic projections of profit, with no concern about art, little interest in craft or sense for entertainment (beyond dollars and cents), genre pictures and franchises are the safest bets. There�s always a mark...
06.21.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By David Luhrssen
Why Hate Hollywood? For starters, the town is run nowadays by people who don�t know much about movies and don�t especially like them. The town? Hollywood isn�t so much a place anymore, though a lot of its infrastructure remains in Los Angeles, but a state of mind favoring sequels over substance, the repetition of poor ideas over the innovation of good ones. Anyone remember Mr Ed: The Movie? S...