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03.08.2014 | | Posted at 07:11 PM
By Tyler Friedman
Recently I found myself at the bus stop situated at the intersection of Humboldt and Locust. I was waiting for the 22 bus to UWM – or, more specifically, to Union Theatre – for a screening of Elaine May’s 1976 film “Mikey and Nicky.” The film is a veritable vérité masterpiece, albeit one whose place in film history has suffered from a reception that, in turn, suffer...
Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014
 Pre-election state-of-the-state speeches by governors are even more dishonest than they are in other years. In Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s speech, he pretended Wisconsin’s job creation
Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008

Palin can’t admit the truth about Troopergate report

For anyone who followed the story of how and why Sarah Palin fired her state’s public safety commissioner, last week’s release of a legislative investigation which found that she had violated state ethics statutes was anticlimactic. After all, everyone knows that she and her husband, Todd, tried to push Walt Monegan, then...