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10.03.2014 | 120 days ago | Posted at 11:00 AM
By Evan Rytlewski
As the Milwaukee electronic duo Deletah, Justin Richter and Jeff Alberts never go to long without releasing new music. Every month the two post new tracks to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, including unusual remixes and covers of artists including Michael Jackson, The Jungle Brothers and, most unexpectedly, Van Morrison. This week they posted their most substantial release yet, their album Am...
09.29.2014 | 124 days ago | Posted at 02:00 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
The trickle of new songs from Kiings continues. In advance of their debut album, which still doesn't have a release date, the Milwaukee electronic duo has released a new track, "Starting To Think (They Might Be On To Something)," an effervescent orb of downtempo soul that, as per the group's usual M.O., pairs them with a Wisconsin artist. The rapping half of Logic and Raze, Colin Plant lends his v...
08.06.2014 | | Posted at 04:00 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
Since launching this spring, the Milwaukee Internet label CLLCTIVE has established itself as a destination for below-the-radar music, amassing a quick library of unusual electronica, indie-pop and ambient soul. Though it can be difficult to keep up with every release, the label’s Bandcamp page is a great place to park with a pair of headphones and just get lost for an hour or two, and this month...
04.30.2014 | | Posted at 03:25 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
The Milwaukee electronic duo Kiings have spent much of the last year working on original material, with sights on releasing a full-length album soon, but they haven't forgotten their roots as remix artists. Their latest track is a reworking of James Vincent McMorrow's "Cavalier," from the singer-songwriter's latest album Post Tropical. While that record saw McMorrow move away from naturalistic fol...
04.29.2014 | | Posted at 03:00 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A young man, rattled by a recent breakup, retreats to a cabin in Northern Wisconsin, channeling his emotions into the music he records in solitude. Eduard Vocke is plenty aware he’s not the first musician to take that journey, which Justin Vernon practically patented with Bon Iver, but there’s no mistaking the music Vocke recorded during his nine months in r...
02.10.2014 | | Posted at 02:00 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
Anybody who purchased the debut from the Brooklyn indie-rock ensemble San Fermin on the strength of their live show must have been a little disappointed to discover the group's most commanding presence wasn't even featured on that record. Singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig handled the female vocal parts on the group's self-titled debut, but on tour those duties fall to Milwaukee native Rae Cassi...