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08.02.2013 | | Posted at 10:45 AM

Local music in-jokes + beef puns = comic and culinary gold

By Evan Rytlewski
For the last few years, the chefs at Comet Cafe and Honeypie Cafe have created special, limited-time burgers to fundraiser for WMSE. They've come up with some inspired concoctions, including an Atomic Milwaukee Family Burger with Hooks Creamery 5-year aged cheddar, apple compote and Pritzlaff bacon, but this year's benefit-burger menu is their most delightfully high-concept yet. Comet, Honeypie an...
07.30.2013 | | Posted at 09:45 AM

Colectivo pledges to stay local, but what does that mean?

By Ashley Sprangers
The Milwaukee coffee scene was aflutter in 2010 when local Alterra Coffee Roasters struck up a deal with Mars Drinks, selling the brand for worldwide production in their Flavia line. The arrangement, while publicized to an extent, stayed relatively under the radar, although the Mars logo featured prominently on the front page of the company’s revamped, corporately controlled website.  It c...
Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009

Sustainable Cafe

Featuring a striking retro-modern environment of yellow-and-white printed drapes, silk-screen printed posters and clear bubble lights, The National (839 W. National Ave.) is a charming spot for a light meal in Walker’s Point. The cafe menu offers a variety of organic and local ingredients. Try the Mediterranean veggie wrap...
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008

West Side Cafe

With a charming garden and its proximity to the Miller brewery, Highland Park Pies and Cafe (4110 W. Martin Drive) is an inviting summertime location. Then again, winter is a good time to visit as well. You’ll find a series of rooms with small tables and comfortable furniture, along with a front room offering slate floors and...
Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A South Side adventure

When you’re deciding where to eat, are you in the routine of choosing from the same five restau rants? Many of us are creatures of habit, relying on the convenience and comfort of knowing what to expect. But what about adventure—where does that fit in? With a visit to a new, unique restaurant, an ordinary...
Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Milwaukee's secret cafe society

Milwaukee has an adventurous new flavor for its palate: its own underground restaurant. That’s about as much as I can tell you. The crew behind the venture has asked me to withhold who they are, when their next event is, location(s) and even the name their secret caf goes by. I can tell you, however, that the name is a reference to Emma Goldman’s journals. They’ll be referred to here as “Caf X.” Underground restaurants have sprung up worldwide and, in the United States, range from the Blind Pig outside of San Francisco to the NY Bite Club in the heart of New York City. Blind Pig offers a different theme for each opening and one of the locations they use is a two-car garage furnished with booths that were thrown out from
Friday, Jan. 18, 2008

Swift as Apollo

Apollo, god of the sun, drove his chariot across the sky each day from dawn to dusk. The Apollo Cafe honors the ancient Greek myth by incorporating a solar motif throughout its interior design.