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07.11.2012 | | Posted at 12:21 PM

A Staged Reading of Courtney Stirn's PROFESSOR LONSDALE tonight at Bucketworks

By Russ Bickerstaff
  It's nice when summer can blossom with last-minute things here and there that get announced at the last minute. It's even better when I can personally make these shows as they usually end up being a bit fresher than that which has been planned-out well in advance. Too bad I can't make this one.   Tonight at 7:30 pm at Bucketworks on 706 South 5th Street, The World's Stage hosts a reading of ...
06.13.2012 | | Posted at 11:50 PM

Fly Steffens and World's Stage looking to raise money for a play about the '80s DIY punk scene

By Russ Bickerstaff
    It was one of my favorite documentaries and I can't remember what it was called. And I can't seem to find mention of it anywhere online. It was a cheap '80s video documentary that followed around Corrosion of Conformity (I'm fairly certain it was COC anyway...) on a North American tour. It followed the early '80s DIY punk scene as it was happening. Like any '80s DIY punk band, they didn't h...