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09.05.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Peggy Sue
Continuing an interview with Marcia Theel, who discusses the future at the Woodson Museum of Art: Q:That�s amazing. Do you have any other unique programming? A: We�re committed to serving that young audience, but we�re also developing a program for adult�s with Alzheimer�s disease. We were one of five institutions in the state to receive a grant from the He...
09.01.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Peggy Sue
Marcia Theel wears several hats at the now renamed Woodson Art Museum. First, acting as Associate Director, and also as Public Relations Director, Theel has served the museum since September 1977, beginning only one year after it opened in 1976. Originally built in 1931 by Ben Alexander for his bride, the large brick mansion on four acres eventually came to the family of John and Alice F...
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Art Preview

Our long summer days present an opportunity to experience art en plein air, where light and shadow add a sensuous dimension to artwork and create a subtle context through which it can be interpreted. This concept can be seen in the “Focus on Figures” exhibit at the Grohmann Museum, located on the campus of the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). The museum’s “Rooftop Grand Opening” features a dozen 9-foot-high sculptures that replicate smaller bronze statues from the permanent “Man at Work” collection.