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Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013
 This contemporary adaptation of Langston Hughes’ play follows the lessons learned by street-wise Baltimore teen Langston (Jacob Latimore). When his single mom (Jennifer Hudson) takes Langston to New York City to spend the holidays with his estranged grandparents (Forest Whitaker
Monday, May 20, 2013
The overlooked masterpiece of psychological suspense stars Robin Williams as a photo developer in a big box mart. He’s as blandly unremarkable as his surroundings until he develops an obsession for a young family
09.23.2012 | | Posted at 09:10 AM

James Franco Co-Stars with Winona Ryder in The Letter

By David Luhrssen
 Winona Ryder has been more or less MIA but resurfaced in a recent, little seen psychological drama, The Letter. She plays Martine, a New York playwright developing a play in a workshop with her usual cast plus a stranger, Tyrone (James Franco). The newcomer instantly alters the group chemistry; he’s cool and self-possessed, asks uncomfortable questions and is instantly disliked. Martine,...