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01.21.2014 | | Posted at 09:53 AM

The Next Generation at the American Film Institute

By David Luhrssen
  The American Film Institute has long organized forums for filmmakers to discuss their work. The results occasionally find their way to print. Edited by George Stevens, Jr. and out now in paperback, Conversations at the American Film Institute with the Great Moviemakers: The Next Generation from the 1950s to Hollywood Today encompasses discussions that took place from the ...
04.05.2010 | | Posted at 11:56 AM
By David Luhrssen
No one did chases like William Friedkin. The Hollywood director pushed the car chase into overdrive with The French Connection (1971) and lesser filmmakers have been trying (with little success) to overtake him ever since. His latter-day police drama, To Live and Die in LA (1985) was no French Connection but featured two memorable chases�one involving a fleet of pursuers through an obstacle co...
03.01.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By David Luhrssen
The French Connection (1971) is the most essential police-driven action thriller of the last 40 years. The new Blu-ray disc release is a reminder of how many crime movies have imitated director William Friedkin�s classic. And lately, most are imitations of imitations. Gene Hackman, who stared as NYPD narcotics detective �Popeye� Doyle, helped create an unforgettable character, especially ...