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10.15.2014 | 108 days ago | Posted at 04:15 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
Eight local bands and rappers selected by the Milwaukee Record will cover each other during a one-off bill at Club Garibaldi on Friday, Jan. 16, for the publication's inaugural "Local Coverage" concert. Here's the lineup according to the site, which conceived the event as a way to bridge genre, generational and neighborhood divides in the city and finalized the bill with a draft at the Riverwest P...
02.21.2014 | | Posted at 01:00 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
It's a Milwaukee Day miracle! The late, great indie-rock band Decibully, which played their last show in 2011, and the rootsy rock band Juniper Tar, which went on hiatus last year after singer-guitarist Jason Mohr moved away, will reunite for "one night only" performances as part of Milwaukee's favorite made-up holiday. The show will be Monday, April 14 (4-14, like the area code) at Turner Hall Ba...
Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013
 The knock against French alternative rockers is that they essentially write the same song over and over again. That criticism is more or less fair, but man, the songs “Lisztomania” and “1901” from 2009’s sterling