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05.08.2013 | | Posted at 12:45 PM

Exquistie Woodcuts Explore "From Neither Here Nor There"

By Peggy Sue
Immigrant defines a word charged with personal and political meaning. In the United Community Center, the Latino Arts, Inc. gallery presents an exhibition to celebrate the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts 50th Anniversary with “Raoul Deal: Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá  [From Neither Here Nor There].” An artist in residence at UWM’s Culture and Communities progra...
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
 It’s no surprise the University of Wisconsin System would begin setting aside extra reserve funds when the most anti-education governor and Legislature in state history took control of Wisconsin’s government
09.30.2012 | | Posted at 04:19 PM
By Peggy Sue
Integrating artists working in fiber art and an age old craft tradition comprise a current exhibition titled “Throw: Great Lengths of Innovation in Modern Quilting.” The University of Wisconsin Union Art Gallery presents seven artists who use contemporary visions of quilting techniques throughout their unique artwork.  One of the most interesting artists Julie Floresch works by fa...
Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From kindergarten to post grad, education needs support

Although Wisconsin is a national leader in high-school graduation rates, college placement scores and commitment to public education, the state's educational system is now threatened by Gov. Scott Walker's historic cuts to schools at all levels...
Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012
The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is going on a road trip to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The love affair between the MSO and UW-Whitewater, in which the orchestra provides outstanding classical music outside its usual haunts, goes back 18...
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuition hike plus frozen financial aid will hit this fall

Undergraduate students at University of Wisconsin System four-year institutions would have to pay an additional 5.5% for tuition this fall, according to the proposed budget released by UW System President Kevin P. Reilly on Monday...
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The ‘people’ behind People’s Books Cooperative

There’s no denying it: We live in a world ruled by huge multinational corporations increasingly estranged from their places of origin. Perhaps the best any of us can hope for is that they outpace even themselves and eventually run out of steam. Luckily, Milwaukee is home to a growing number of enterprises taking a more active stance, seeking egalitarian alternatives to the corporate model in a bid to give community building more important role than investment seeking. Among them is People’s Books Cooperative, an independent bookstore that marks its first anniversary as a cooperative enterprise on Sept. 1 . . .