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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Art Review

A sublime new exhibit, “Moulthrop Generations: Turned Wood Bowls by Ed, Philip and Matt Moulthrop,” arrives at the Racine Art Museum, the first venue to show the work of three generations of the Moulthrop family in one gallery. Seventy sculptural and sensuous vessels made of wood indigenous to the southeastern region of the United States are presented through Sept. 14. After earning an MFA in architecture from Princeton University, which led him to teach at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Ed Moulthrop (1916-2003) formally began the family’s wood-turning tradition in the 1970s. He even designed and constructed his own tools—another legacy that his son and grandson continue. Each of them shared the vision of fashioning extraordinary vessels from trees felled by lightning, or those destined for landfills or chipboards (known as trash trees) . . .