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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Theater Preview

Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives: Americans may hold different positions, but they still seem to be playing for the same team. Unfortunately, an increasing number of indicators in the environment and the global economy would lead some to believe that they’re on the losing team. This thought can be difficult to accept—unless you happen to be looking at things from the outside.
Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Theater Preview

Four people, two ash bins and a toy dog may not seem like much come the end of time, but these components have propelled Samuel Beckett’s Endgame to more than 50 years of critical praise. Starting next weekend, the Stiemke Theater brings Endgame back to Milwaukee. When the sheet is pulled off Mark Corkins on March 21, it will be his second time in the role of the blind, sickly Hamm. Years ago, Corkins played Hamm in the tiny confines of the UW-Milwaukee Studio Theatre. With its larger stage, the Milwaukee Rep has a much bigger canvas to work with. On the flip side, however, the Rep will face difficulty in bringing the immediacy of the characters’ emotional realities to one of the largest studio theaters in the county. As seen before at UWM, the perpetually restless decay of Hamm’s sickness breathes a fascinating counterpoint through Corkins’ powerful, deeply resonant voice. Lee Ernst will fill the role of Clov, the reluctant servant who comes ever closer to leaving the dying Hamm. Without Clov’s aid, Hamm would be left helpless, thus unraveling the tension that holds the play together. .
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008

Theater Previews

The private, personal connection of the present to the past is a tenuous one, manifesting itself only in strange, phantasmal stories passed in whispers, floating through the primitive artifacts of human language. Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain explores this connection in a tight and enthralling drama. Debuting in the mid-’90s, the three-actor play has slowly garnered the breathless acclaim of critics. On Feb. 15, Windfall Theatre launches a production of the play from the intimate confines of Village Church Arts (130 E. Juneau Ave.).
Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008

Theater Preview

Given the right circumstances, and depending on your perspective of morality, even the most brutal, coldblooded murders can be justified. Whether the murders come about as the result of a pre-emptive military invasion or crude blows from a heavy blade, the laws that govern the rest of society, they say, do . . .