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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tonight @ Times Cinema, 6 p.m.

1934’s The Thin Man proved so popular with moviegoers that it spawned five sequels. Consensus has it that the first was the best, a fast-paced comic mystery that introduced us to the upscale married couple that pounds martinis and effortlessly solve crimes, quipping all the while. In this case, the prime suspect is the couple’s good friend, whose ex-lover has turned up dead.
Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009

Sam Spade returns

In 1956, five years before he died following decades of bad health-fostered by even more decades of heavy drinking-Dashiell Hammett told an interviewer, "I stopped writing because I was repeating myself. It is the beginning of the end when you discover you have style." Taking his view, the beginning of the end must have occurred 22 years earlier, when he published his fifth and last crime novel, The Thin Man...