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08.16.2011 | | Posted at 03:30 PM

Silent Film Sketch Comedy Group at the Tenth Street Theatre Elsewhere—steampunk night with Dead Man’s Circus

By Russ Bickerstaff
While a pair of reasonably lost Tennessee Williams shorts from the early 20th century make their world premiere at the Carte Blanche Studio Theatre the first weekend in September, there are a few other stages  that also have a sampling of some retro chic performances. The MUTES are on Tenth Silent Film-style sketch comedy group The M.U.T.E.S. take the stage of In Tandem's Tenth Street Theatre ...
01.24.2011 | | Posted at 09:35 AM

A Special Valentine’s Day Show Also Features Music By The Bootless Betties

By Russ Bickerstaff
Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday. It’s kind of difficult to be romantic on a day when everyone is recovering from the weekend. It’s likely that most observations of the holiday will occur on Sunday the 13th . One of the classier events on the 13th has to be the� Very Vintage Valentine’s Day at Swig on 217 North Broadway. The show, which has a $75 Swig dinner theatre for two option ($90 ...
Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009

Performance Review

“I want the audience to feel as if they’ve stepped into a time machine, gone back to 1912, and are sitting on a Charlie Chaplin movie set, watching the actors,” says Alice Wilson of her brainchild the Marvelous Unspeaking Troupe of Entertaining Scoundrels (M.U.T.E.S.).
Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009

Theater Review

This year's Milwaukee Comedy Festival was just a bit bigger than last year's, with a number of new comedy groups from all over the continent joining returning favorites. Now in its fourth year, the festival has grown to include stand-up comedy along with the standard sketch and improv fare. The festival opened on Thursday with comedy...
07.17.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Russ Bickerstaff
I have a theory that, as people live longer, the same type of societal forces that cause inter-cultural art to appeal to people of many different ethnicities and subcultures will cause certain kinds of art to appeal to people of many different generations. I guess what I’m saying is this: at the Youngblood show a couple of evenings ago, I ran into a married couple from two generations prior to m...