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03.26.2014 | | Posted at 08:15 AM

The Big Gig announces a mix of usual suspects and first-time performers

By Evan Rytlewski
Summerfest revealed more than 75 of its 2014 grounds stage headliners this morning, and even casual festival goers will recognize quite a few familiar names among the bunch. Keeping the lineup of an 11-day, 11-stage festival fresh is always going to be a challenge, so a bit of overlap between years is inevitable, but some of these acts are nonetheless reaching Pat McCurdy levels of over saturation...
Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008

Serious about New Year’s Eve, change

When they arrive in Milwaukee, treat them as visiting professors. After all, they're experts. The Crystal Method has performed 13 of the last 14 New Year's Eves, and they know more about throwing that year-end party than you could ever hope to. If you don't think you're having a good time at their Dec. 31 performance at the Rave, you are probably wrong. "We know people are coming out to have a good time," says Scott Kirkland, one half of the big-beat outfit. "We take it seriously...
Friday, July 4, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stateside, raves seem harder and harder to come by these days. Still, the rain-slicked aluminum bleachers of Summerfest seemed an oddly perilous dance venue for the return performance of the low-profile big beat pioneers, The Crystal Method. Taking the helm from DJ Dieselboy in mid-beat, Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan arrived with a blasé casualness that seemed to pervade the whole evening, underscoring the intensely omnipresent volume. Kirkland, as the Pesci to Jordan’s De Niro, played the group’s flamboyantly mischievous half, tagging out of duty frequently to stalk the stage and giving himself devil horns while the more stoic Jordan manned the decks.