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07.11.2013 | | Posted at 05:07 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
The city’s Fire and Police Commission has come under heavy fire for making some questionable calls in the past year.  It didn’t discipline an officer for punching handcuffed woman in the face, then, after much outcry, reversed its decision. It didn’t discipline the officers involved in the in-custody death of Derek Williams, either. The mayor’s previous appointee, Ann Wilson, had...
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013

But it found many problems with the Journal Sentinel’s misleading articles

  An independent audit of the Milwaukee Police Department’s (MPD) crime data showed that, contrary to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s reporting, the department did not manipulate statistics to paint a rosier picture
Friday, March 21, 2008

Witkowski and DeBraska compete on the South Side

Alderman Terry Witkowski's South Side Milwaukee district has “problems” that other lawmakers would envy. The neighborhood has high homeownership, relatively low crime, economic engines such as Mitchell International Airport and the 27th Street business...