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12.01.2011 | | Posted at 12:45 PM

Neil Simon’s Oddly Political Comedy At Concordia University

By Russ Bickerstaff
There’s no question that the single best university theatre program in town is that of UWM. I say this, of course, as a neutral graduate of UWM’s psychology program. (With a focus on cognitive and behavioral neuroscience…you know…we were running rats around little obstacle courses and then looking at the changes in the dendritic structures of the Purkinje cells in the paramedian lobule of...
07.21.2010 | | Posted at 07:54 AM

Simon’s STAR-SPANGLED GIRL to be staged at 10th Street Theatre

By Russ Bickerstaff
As busy as things are this coming weekend with no less than three shows opening, next weekend promises to be even busier, with another three openings AND a the 5th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Fest. Aside from Soulsitce’s production of Chess, the fare making it to the stage next weekend is all comedy. In and amidst shorter works found in the sketch and improve of the comedy fest and the short comed...