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07.14.2014 | | Posted at 02:56 AM
By Russ Bickerstaff
Just a couple of days after T.I.M. (The Improvised Musical) celebrates its third year in existence at ComedySportz, Patrick Schmitz’s Sketch 22 makes it to the venue for its 13th outing. All sketch comedy (like all comedy) generates laughter under pressure. There’s always a deadline and timing is everything. What’s interesting about Sketch 22 is that the pressure of a deadline is accelerated...
01.03.2012 | | Posted at 02:13 PM

More sketch under pressure at CoemdySportz

By Russ Bickerstaff
Having been around long enough to safely be considered a “long-running,” comedy tradition, Patrick Schmitz’s Sketch 22 celebrates it EIGHTH outing this coming January the 7th. The idea is cute . . . not altogether unlike another similar longer-running program in town that has come across as being more than a little in-bred over the years . . . 10 groups of writers, 10 directors and no less...