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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Happy Anniversary: The inimitable Rip Tenor (aka Art Kumbalek) was honored by the Uptowner Bar and Charm School for his 25 years of yeoman's duty at the Shepherd Express. Fans poured in to pay respects and hear the Brewhaus Polka Kings...
03.18.2012 | | Posted at 06:40 AM

Shel Silverstein and Free 2 B U & ME open next week

By Russ Bickerstaff
On March 22nd of next week, there are a couple of shows opening up that explore slightly skewed mutations of what some of us so fondly remember from our childhoods. At 7:30 pm next Thursday, Alchemist Theatre presents Free 2 B U & Me.  It’s strange . . . a musical based on a 1974 ABC Afterschool Special that was originally released as an album in ’72. It was a program of shorts that individ...