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10.28.2013 | | Posted at 09:23 AM

Biography of “Ireland’s First Hollywood Superstar”

By David Luhrssen
  Maureen O’Hara had Gone with the Wind to thank for her name. Born Maureen FitzSimmons, the comely Dublin lass got her start on stage and on Radio Eieran; her film career began unpromisingly with a blink-and-miss-her cameo in a mediocre English movie musical. But she caught the eye of Charles Laughton; the great actor treated her as a daughter and brought her along with him to Hol...
Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twenty great films featuring cowboys, outlaws and legends of an earlier America

 Westerns are the most cherished American film genre, providing rip-roaring action and powerful drama. Some of the most provocative, often in black-and-white, probed the psychology beneath the gunplay. In my favorite