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Friday, Sept. 21, 2012

Theater Preview

 It started out simply, with Liz Shipe and Perry Heideman imagining dramatic fairy tales in a series of photographs. Now, Shipe's “Reconstructing Grimm” project is coming live to the Brumder Mansion in a fully staged...
09.19.2012 | | Posted at 06:00 AM
By Russ Bickerstaff
Writer/Director/Actress/Producer/Costume Designer Elizabeth Lynn Shipe has been working on a project that clearly means quite a bit to her. Her Reconstructing Grimm project launches its first fully-realized play as it presents Sherlock Holmes and a Most Irregular Tea Party. It's a wholly ambitious work taking place at the Brumder Mansion this month. Michael Traynor stars as the legendary detective...
07.11.2011 | | Posted at 03:02 PM

Elizabeth Shipe/Pear Photography’s Grimm photo project continues with an opening in Fond Du Lac

By Russ Bickerstaff
As side projects for stage actors go, Elizabeth Shipe’s Reconstructing Grimm is an interesting labor of love. Shipe has proven to be a talented actress in a few high-profile local stage productions (most recently In Tandem’s Art of Murder.) In the recent past, she has also worked with Pear Photography to establish a photo project where in she and various other local actors pose in costume in...