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06.27.2014 | | Posted at 09:35 AM

Concert Documentary on Blu-ray

By David Luhrssen
  Peter Gabriel prefaces his concert documentary, Back to Front—Live in London, with a few thoughts about masks. In Western society masks are seen as objects of concealment, but in other cultures they can be tools of revelation. He calls himself “shy, apologetic” in real life. On stage, “I want to get out of that. The mask is the means to open up.” Filmed in 2013 by a c...
Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013
Theater was born in ancient Athens in amphitheaters much like the one overlooking the city where this hit-filled concert was recorded. Peter Gabriel brought rock theater to an exceptional level in staging, lighting, choreography and gesture, coupled with music that had absorbed a world of
11.23.2012 | | Posted at 08:54 AM

The Making of a Classic Album

By David Luhrssen
 Peter Gabriel was the star that did everything possible to monkey wrench his stardom, refusing even the basic step of titling his first four albums because that would seem too much like advertising, he explained. Gabriel had hits anyway, but his fifth album, reluctantly titled So (1986), finally pushed him into platinum with such signal songs of the period as “Sledgehammer” and “Big ...
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates and Buddy Guy

Peter Gabriel's musical journey began with the progressive rock band Genesis. Unlike many of his peers, he understood progressive as an ongoing concept, not a self-satisfied genre. After pushing theatricality to extremes of elaborate staging, Gabriel left Genesis to become a solo artist, human-rights activist...
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007

Dec. 7, 2007

The version of Genesis that recently wrapped up a North American tour (one that ignored Wisconsin, by the way) was not only missing original frontman Peter Gabriel, but also the theatrics that characterized this most British of progressive-rock acts