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09.24.2011 | | Posted at 11:30 PM

Windfall Theatre’s OMNIUM GATHERUM works only through solid characterization

By Russ Bickerstaff
Theresa Rebeck and Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros’ Omnium Gatherum is an interesting, little exercise. Written in the shadow of September 11th, 2001, the idea is to build a solid intellectual conversation around certain celebrity archetypes that attempts to make sense of a world where the US could be attacked using its own infrastructure. As nice an idea as it might be to have analogues of To...
09.07.2011 | | Posted at 07:25 AM

A look at the photos for Windfall’s Season Premiere

By Russ Bickerstaff
There's no questioning the Therese Rebeck is a talented playwright. The woman who wrote Mauritius, Bad Dates has also written some rather intelligent work for network television. There is, however, the question of Omnium Gatherum. Co-Written by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, the premise of the 2003 satire is a simple dinner party amongst intellectuals discussing current events and concerns. A con...
06.23.2011 | | Posted at 10:08 AM

Racially diverse cast needed. African American and Arab American actors needed

By Russ Bickerstaff
Windfall Theatre is looking to cast for a dinner party. The party in question is called Omnium Gatherum. It was written several years ago by Theresa Rebeck and Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros. The premise is simple: a hostess/domestic tycoon in the mold of Martha Stewart hosts a party and subsequent intellectual discussion between a right-wing Tom Clany-like novelist, an upwardly-mobile African Ame...