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10.13.2011 | | Posted at 06:13 AM

Theatre company brings William Gibson’s MIRACLE WORKER to the stage

By Russ Bickerstaff
Helen Keller is a figure out of history we often take for granted. The name has come to overshadow our understanding of the person a great deal. Hers is just another name in the lexicon of American history like so many others we read about in textbooks. Getting out beyond the shadow of the name is the great challenge of anyone looking to produce William Gibson’s Helen Keller drama The Miracle ...
07.31.2011 | | Posted at 03:12 PM

Acacia Theatre is looking to cast Helen Keller drama.

By Russ Bickerstaff
One of the single most inspiring figures in American history, Helen Keller is a figure so heroic that she was one of the first women to be mentioned by name in American History textbooks. The story of a blind and deaf woman who becomes an activist for socialism, worker’s rights and women’s suffrage is an inspiring one. William Gibson’s classic drama based on her life The Miracle Worker has...